The motion of molecules plays a fundamental role in understanding the behavior of atoms and molecules in different phases of matter and hence is an essential. Molecules in motion. Kinetic theory is one of the 'big ideas' in science. All matter is made of atoms (often molecules), but with an enormous variety of arrangements and different motions. They might build theories about the atomic structure of matter, guided by the hints given by many experiments. Molecules in Motion 3D - animations of DNA, protein and other molecules - available for online journals, textbooks, film, or video. Use your mouse to rotate and.


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Molecules in motion

October 7, Sunday: Morning molecules in motion 9am to 12 noon; Afternoon session: Announcements will be made when the registration form is open for registrations.

For instance, a balloon will expand if it is left in a hot car.


It will get smaller if it is put in the refrigerator. Students have difficulty understanding that molecules molecules in motion constantly moving in all states of matter.

Many students accept the fact that molecules are moving in liquid water because they can see water flow.

Molecules in Motion

For molecules in motion information, contact us. Each interactive, animated figure opens with an exact replica of a print figure in the review, and is supplemented with a control panel to explore the structure at will.


Chan and Hans J. Is there more space in between molecules in motion molecules in hot water or in cold water? Is it a lot of space? Point out to students that molecules of hot water are moving faster and are slightly further apart.

How atoms are affected by heat

The molecules of cold water are moving slower and are a little closer together. If students do not notice a difference, move the slider all the way to the left again and then quickly to the right. Show the animation a few times to give students a chance to notice the differences. Have students answer questions molecules in motion the animation and draw a model of water molecules on their molecules in motion sheet.

Have students fill in the blank with the word increases or decreases on their activity sheet as you read each sentence.

Heating a substance increases molecular motion. Cooling a substance molecules in motion molecular motion. As molecular motion increases, the space between molecules increases.

Animations & Tutorials

As molecular molecules in motion decreases, the space between molecules decreases. Have students refer to the drawing of room temperature water on their activity sheet and discuss how they should represent the molecules in cold and hot water. Cold Water Ask students: Would the water molecules be closer together or further apart?

Students should draw molecules in motion circles a little closer together than the circles in the room-temperature water.

The water molecules are closer together because the slower motion allows the attractions to bring the molecules a little closer together.

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