GRINNELL MECHANICAL PRODUCTS. General Catalog .. Model Pipe Support Stands. GRINNELL, a premium brand of Tyco International, delivers. Find 2 listings related to Grinnell Corporation Engineered Pipe Supports in East Greenwich on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and. ITT Grinnell Constant Support Hangers. Purpose. Advise owners and operators of a possible problem with ITT Grinnell constant support spring hangers.


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I-Clips are made out of a variety of materials, grinnell pipe supports for elevated temperatures and large weight loads. Pipe Cradle Retrofits, Large diameter band clamps, concrete or timber pier supports, high load riser clamps.

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The deck base is 9" by The 5-RAH can adjust in height from 2. Anvil EPS, formerly ITT Grinnell, is the oldest and most complete manufacturer grinnell pipe supports engineered pipe hangers and support systems in the world.


The surface of the end wall 50 opposite the lever 56 serves as a bearing for the ends of nested compression springs 94 and The other ends of these springs are engaged by a spring plate 98 having a pair of brackets secured thereto so as to extend part way into the smaller spring These brackets are spaced apart approximately the same distance as the lever plates 58 are spaced and serve as supports for a pin extending between them substantially perpendicular to and intersecting the coincidental axes 33 of the springs.

The ends of this pin extend beyond the outer bracket surfaces grinnell pipe supports have pivoted thereon the ends of tie-rods These tie-rods extend along the space in the center of the smaller spring 96, pass through an opening in the end wall 50, and have their other ends pivotally secured to the ends of pin The edges of the spring plate 98 and the outer surfaces of the coils of spring 94 are closely confined by a rigid spring cover secured to the end wall 50 and having its inside surfaces which confine the spring plate and coils parallel to the spring grinnell pipe supports The lever plates 58 are each provided with integral lugs which are adapted to engage a stop on end wall 50 to limit the clockwise as seen in Fig.

This guide comprises a plunger secured to the end wall 50 by having one end threaded into a tube secured to and standing out from this wall. The tube is disposed so that the plunger extends parallel to axes 33, and the tube is braced by a member The other end of plunger extends loosely through an opening in the spring engaging member 98 and may be secured 10' to a spring dust cover as at A cylindrical member secured to the spring grinnell pipe supports member 98 and extending around the plunger houses a ball bearing unit for permitting sliding of the plunger in the member with a minimum of friction.

3 in. Pipe, 7 in. Adjustable Height Roller Pipe Supports (case/12)

Since the tube is secured to the end wall 50 relatively near the spring axes 33 in Fig. Also in this Fig. This illustrates that this pin may be located at any desired position on the load arm grinnell pipe supports on the size of the load and the amount of load travel which must be accommodated.

These figures also show that the ends of tie-rods are held in position on the ends of pin by nuts The lever 56 is secured to this shaft 62' so that the pointer' in conjunction with a scale on the frame side plate 46 indicates the amount of rotation of the lever. It is merely necessary to provide a lever having a spring arm so positioned with respect to the spring axis 33 that throughout the rotation of the lever necessary to accommodate load movement the position of the tie-rods does not depart substantially from this axis, and to further provide a spring deflection which is substantially equal to the distance between the pivotal connection of the tie-rod to the spring arm and the point where a line which is drawn from the pivot of the lever on the frame and which is angularly spaced from the vertical through the latter pivot intersects the line defined by the tie-rod pivots.

In referring to the tie-rods not departin substantially from the spring axis, What is meant is that when viewed along the axis A of the lever pivot the line connecting the pivots at the ends of each tie-rods does not depart substantially from coincidence with the spring axis 33 or does not depart substantially from a position parallel to the spring axis.

In referring to the line drawn from the pivot A angularly grinnell pipe supports from the vertical through this pivot, what is meant is that such a line is drawn in the view as seen along axis A, and the angle is measured from the vertical extending above the axis A in the same direction that the spring arm is disposed by this angle from the load arm.

In referring to the vertical through the axes A, it will be appreciated that the vertical is employed as a reference line because the load acts vertically downward on the load arm.

This is a special case, though the one always encountered in pipe hangers, and the more general reference line from which the angle is measured is a line extending from pivot A parallel to and in the opposite direction to the line of action of the load.

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Except for this, for the difierent spring axes location and for minor alterations in arrangements of parts the previous description and designating numerals apply.

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